The SWS Golf Performance process is designed to help golfers who have continually hit a plateau in their game and are experiencing inconsistencies. This causes frustration, disappointment, and a lack of progress that is keeping them from having more fun.

In our process, we take a systematic approach that breaks down each part of the body, swing, and skills in incremental pieces. This allows us to measure the data and to actually see where you need to improve and what is working. We utilize technology and years of experience to be able to analyze the data to create a custom strategy to help you reach the game that you always dreamed of playing.

Process Steps

Step 1: Assessments – Physical Limitations & Skills
A. We use BodiTrak & video swing analysis to identify the swing characteristics or compensations that cause inconsistency in contact and ball flight.

B. We assess the body using Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) screens that find out where lack of mobility, stability, and balance is negatively impacting the golf swing.

C. We assess every skill on the golf course for inconsistency in contact, distance control, and direction.

Step 2: Build a swing & game based off of limitations & weaknesses.
A. Instruction: The client will develop a better understanding of how they learn to be successful in each skill and be able to consistently transfer it to the golf course.

B. Coaching: The process of understanding where the client is mentally in their game and what it will take to overcome mental barriers. We help you learn how to have intentional focus on each shot and to teach you practical ways to practice each skill while pushing you to be the best player you can be.

C. Fitness Training: The golf fitness process is designed to develop more confidence in the client’s golf game. They will be able to overcome the physical limitations (mobility, stability, strength, speed, & balance) by working on practical exercises that improve the weaknesses that can wreak havoc on a golf swing & game.

Step 3: The Mental Edge: Take it to the Golf Course
A. Course Psychology – Understanding the thought process that should take place before, during, and after each shot on the course. The client will learn how to focus on tension free breathing and bringing out the sub-conscious thoughts that need to take place using both sides of the brain.

B. On-Course Coaching – The client will learn the DECADE course management system to shooting lower scores based off of target position, shot preparation, and intentional focus.

Step 4: Consistency: Repeat & Do it Again
Consistency is one of the biggest keys to improving your golf game. It is so easy when being “trained” to forget what you are being taught. Our process is about developing a swing a game based off of what you can physically do and being able to understand the process it takes to play with skill and to consistently play solid golf shots. This process takes time going through these steps to create long term success and consistency in your game. This is why we repeat this process over and over again for best results.

Stages of Growth

Stage 1
Initial changes to body and swing will feel awkward and sore because it is a new movement and muscles are being used that were hardly ever used before due to exercises. Sticking to the process and program is necessary to feel confident in the changes so you can start making progress moving forward.

Stage 2
Your body and swing will really start feeling loose and relaxed with the new and improved movements. You will start having more energy throughout the day from being active and you will notice your not sore from doing certain everyday activities. You will also notice an improved golf swing where you are hitting more solid shots where the golf ball travels farther with less effort.

Stage 3
Your body and swing is really transforming and your overall game has improved as the scores keep getting lower because of a more consistent swing and game. You are having more fun and experiencing success in every aspect of your game because you understand why you were inconsistent so you can make adjustments along the way. You are no longer having to think through your golf swing but rather feeling the correct movement patterns that produce results. You feel stronger and more confident in all areas.