The difference between golf lessons and the 24/7 Golf Performance model is the process. Golf lessons are great for teaching the fundamentals and helping the student build a solid foundation (phase 1) but eventually their game will plateau. The Golf Performance model is the second phase to long term improvement.

These are the key areas that differentiate 24/7 Golf Performance model:

  1. Finding the source of the problem and not just trying to solve the symptoms. If you can’t consistently produce an effective golf swing because of physical limitations or poor mental swing thoughts, no amount of golf lessons will solve your problem. The 24/7 Golf Performance model will help you understand the correct movements and learning process that takes place for each skill in a proven system. It is important to first assess and then build a swing and game around what the student can physically do without compensations.
  2. Using this approach, everything is connected. Watch the best players in the world and their training process. We have modeled our system after the best practices that are research based and up to date methods used by leading experts. Sean has over 15 years of teaching and coaching experience so he has learned the most effective ways to progress a student through the learning process.
  3. There will be results! Since implementing the Golf Performance model, multiple clients have won or placed in tournaments and recorded their lowest scoring rounds ever. They attribute their success to our golf performance model as many of our clients have taken lessons or golf schools from the best instructors in the Country before committing to our programs. Often times with golf lessons or schools there is very little accountability on results. The 24/7 Golf Performance model is all about the accountability and results.
  4. TPI (Titleist Performance Institute), Functional Golf System, & BodiTrak Certifications have given SWS Golf the tools to help create the entire golfer. TPI is the leading golf performance certification program that teaches the body and golf swing connection. The TPI Advisory board is comprised of the top experts in the world that continually advance the knowledge and education of the golf industry. Functional Golf System is a new approach to functional golf specific movement training used by the golf strength & conditioning coach at Oklahoma State University. Sean Saunders is the only active TPI Fitness, Functional Golf System, & BodiTrak golf coaching business in SW Missouri and one of the only PGA professionals in the Country who has all these advanced certifications for golf fitness and movement specializations.