Phase One: Build a Foundation

The Foundation Lesson Program – $400 + Cart & Green Fees for 6th Lesson

Great service for the beginner to recreational level player that has never been taught the correct technique (foundation) of each golf skill.

Learn how to build a solid foundation in every skill needed to be successful on the golf course. The first five lessons take place indoors year round at RedLine Athletics and the final sixth lesson takes place at a local golf course of your choosing for a nine hole playing lesson.  Client will learn how to practice effectively at the course or at their home for each skill.

FIVE SKILLS & BREAKDOWN – 1. Putting Technique 2. Chipping Technique 3. Pitching Technique 4. Full-swing Technique (irons) 5. Full-swing Technique  (woods). The sixth and final lesson takes place either on the golf course playing 9 holes or 2 hours focusing on the skill(s) that the client needs help with. It is important for any golfer to first build a solid foundation and understand how to play each skill before they can experience success on the course. SWS Golf has a successful approach that gets results by first starting with the smallest skill (putting) and progress the student forward in incremental lessons to full-swing.  Each client will have a basic understanding of the ball flight laws (cause and effect) of each skill and how the club and body work together for success.  The student will also learn how to practice effectively using skill games and pre-shot routines.

Phase Two: Golf Performance

Step 1. Body / Swing Assessment ($125 – 90 Minutes) Located at RedLine Athletics 

*Includes: Interview (establish short & long term goals, expectations, past injuries, background, etc.) – Analyze the body-swing connection using BodiTrak video swing analysis software and pressure mapping mat to find swing characteristic(s) that cause inconsistency and how athlete interacts with the ground.  Perform 16 Titleist Performance Institute screens of the body to find source of swing characteristic(s).  Learn drills, exercises, & movement patterns to help fix swing characteristic(s).  A daily swing drill and exercise program is created and emailed to the client so they can do the program.  This is an individualized program that will help improve mobility, stability, and swing movement patterns.


Step 2. Golf Performance Coaching & Training – Located at RedLine Athletics

  • Offered Year Round
  • 60 Minute Golf Performance Training Session
  • 5 or 10 session training package – $250 / $400 paid upfront

Golf Performance Training Session Format

Part 1: Mobility exercises / foam rolling (5 minute warm-up routine)

Part 2: SuperSpeed training protocol (10 minutes)

Part 3: Golf Fitness Training Process: Stability, Balance, Strength, & Movement Training (20 – 30 minutes)

Part 4: Skillwork: Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Full-swing Irons, Full-swing Woods (10 – 20 minutes)

Part 5: Stretching (flexibility – 5 minutes)

Each area of focus (part) can change on the amount of time based on how the client is feeling, time of year (in season or off season), and the area or skill they are weakest.

  • Session Rate – $40-50 (60 Minutes)
  • Five or Ten Session Packages – $250 or $400

Includes golf skill work, movement training, and golf specific fitness training for mobility, stability, balance, strength, and speed to help maximize golf performance.


Step 3. On Course Assessment & Coaching – Located at local golf course (April – November)

  • Session Rate – $150 (2 Hour Session)

First, Sean assesses each skill (short & lag putts, chipping, pitching, full-swing Irons, full-swing woods, bunker shots) on the course from different lies to get an overall view of where the client is weakest and gaining strokes. Next, Sean coaches the client on the weakest skill(s) and follows up with an effective practice plan working on improving those weakest skill(s) on the course.

Client will learn how to practice each skill on the golf course and the mental process that needs to take place for each shot.  Target and club selection is apart of this process.