Have you ever taken a golf vacation to one of the best golf destinations in the country with a pro to coach you every step of the way? It is a memorable experience learning from one of the only PGA professionals who is ACE (American Council on Exercise) & TPI Fitness Professional Level 3 & BodiTrak Certified to coach and train you to play your best golf and get in golf shape so you can have more FUN on your golf vacation. It is good for your game to play different courses that are challenging yet enjoyable. You will also learn what goes on in a pros head before and during each shot on the course. Each client will receive a golf specific fitness program they can take with them for life that focuses on the weakest areas based on their assessment results.

Larry Berman (Flagstaff, AZ) – “We found Sean after an extensive search online. The response we got from prestigious golf academies around the Country didn’t match our requirements of coaching and fitness for 60 year old golfers. They primarily focused on golf schools and programs for younger golfers. We chose to work with Sean because he was young, enthusiastic, energetic, and was willing to design a program specifically for my wife and I. I should mention that Sean is not only a golf pro with good credentials, he is also a Certified TPI Fitness Trainer. This meant that my wife and I were not only going to get golf instruction from Sean but he was going to design a stretching and exercise program specifically tailored to our specific weaknesses. My reticence dissolved completely when I found out he was also going to be our personal trainer. Where can you ever find such a combination. Your golf pro, who knows all of your physical limitations, actually personally serving as your personal trainer. We came up with a four week program. It consisted of an initial physical test to determine our respective physical limitations which served as a basis for our training program and a golf skills test on the course. We started his program and were so impressed from the outset. Sean likes working with seniors and understands our physical limitations. His training programs were designed to make sure we did not inadvertently hurt ourselves. When I completed the program we did another physical test and I could not have been more pleased with the improvement in 4 weeks. I left with a simple program of stretching and exercises I can do everyday and a TPI daily program I can access on the internet. On the golf side we worked on my game twice a week. Sean feels very strongly that golf lessons are not complete unless you can bring changes to the course. I can now attest to how effective the on course training is and how limiting the standard protocol of range lessons is. Simply put, you learn so much more as you put into real experience on the course what you are learning. A couple of other points regarding Sean’s golf instruction. He was very astute in determining what I needed to work on. I was impressed. Also, as my physical limitations started to diminish during the four week period he started to add important swing positions I was not capable of doing at the beginning of our golf sessions. Finally, and very importantly, he was flexible and not a know it all. As golfers we all have an innate sense of what we need to work on. Sean listened to me and we constantly changed the golf training to mesh with what I felt I truly needed. What a great experience”.

Vacation Packages


Springfield, MO Area Golf Vacation Program may include:

  • TPI + BodiTrak Assessment with Online Exercise and Swing Drill Program
  • Golf Performance Fitness Training Sessions at Achieving Your Best Performance Center
  • Skills Coaching at SWS Golf Academy – Island Green Golf Club
  • On-Course Coaching at Rivercut Golf Course (Voted Top Municipal Golf Course in Missouri by Golf Digest)
  • One 18 Hole Round of Golf with Cart at Rivercut Golf Course (One 18 Hole Round Per Week)
  • Options for Lodging at VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner)
  • Active Release Technique by Dr. Marshall Reed

Springfield, MO is located only 45 Minutes north of Branson, MO. One of the top golf and entertainment destinations in the Midwest! Visit http://www.explorebranson.com to learn more.

Email swsgolf@pga.com your golf vacation plans & details.

Sean will create a unique golf performance vacation to fit your individual needs and budget. He will email or call to confirm available dates and times of each service during your golf performance vacation. The entire agreed upon golf performance vacation payment takes place at the time of the first service. Dates and times of services are blocked out on SWS Golf calendar at least two weeks before the client(s) arrival date.